Wednesday, 17 June 2009


i hate shopping for clothes, but i'd like it a lot more if this kind of thing happened while i was out:

courtesy of the fantastic A Tribe Called Next blog. big up yerselves. :)


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

weekend warm-up 22/05/09

hello. it's been a while since i last posted anything, sorry about that - i've been pretty busy with weekends away, DJing here and there, sorting out our garden/veg plot and generally enjoying the sunshine. i mean, we've been lucky enough to actually have some sunshine in the last few weeks, so you wont hold it against me if i get out there and enjoy it rather than sit at a PC all the time, right?

anyway, as a peace offering i thought i'd upload a couple of my recent radio shows for your listening pleasure (this is also an exercise in "look - i have actually been doing some music stuff OK?!?", granted).

the first is from the last weekend in May and, inspired by a sunny evening in Cardiff, i dug out a load of funk-based beats (apart from the La Roux, but that was a request) and had a play about with them. there's some chatter too, but you can skip over that if it does your head in.


count bass d - jussa playa [day by day entertainment]
brownout - brown wind & fire [freestyle]
la carnival - blind man (cut chemist remix) [stones throw]
boca45 - round & round [unique]
ayb force - ay boogaloo [p-vine]
now on - now on and on [unknown]
mr scruff feat. broken english - listen up [ninja tune]
quasamodo - funk off [timewarp music]
bomb the bass - bug powder dust (la funk mob remix) [fourth & broadway]
greg wilson - gotta keep workin it [reactivate]
krafty kuts - we do this [liberator music]
speech debelle - the key [big dada]
breakestra - family rap [ubiquity]
speedometer - are you my woman? [p-vine]
the haggis horns - got to lose your way [first word]
illinton feat. anne rani - sugahoney [nam nam]
patrice rushen - forget me nots [elektra]
przasnik - swingalong [funky mamas & papas poland]
marvin gaye - got to give it up (part 1) [motown]
snax - get in trouble (crazy p remix) [defdrive]
flevans - hold no water [tru thoughts]
omega man - disco love (featurecast remix) [super hi-fi]
the juju orchestra - kind of latin rhythm (smoove remix) [agogo]
ilija rudman - two faced love (extended mix) [red music]
black science orchestra - philadelphia (party mix) [junior boys own]
dj wood - eye know [goodgroove]
hint - one woman army (hint remix) [tru thoughts]
la roux - in for the kill (skream's let's get ravey remix) [unknown]
chin chin - gg & the boys [unknown]


if there's a problem with the download, let me know and i'll happily re-up it for you.