Thursday, 21 August 2008

big up my brainy sis!

had some great news today - my younger sister Laura got her GCSE results, and passed every single one of them!

i'm so so chuffed for her. she's had a tough time in the last year and i worried she might lose focus - she told me herself that she didn't think she'd passed a couple of them just after she'd done them. hahaha - what a result though! :D

she's off to art college in September, where she'll no doubt continue to ace her studies. in the meantime: well done Laura, i'm so proud of you - enjoy the rest of your summer because you deserve it! big love. xx

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

a few late-August soirees...

the summer's not quite over yet, and there's still plenty of fun to be had if you look for it. and well you might be looking for it, because those long dark winter nights are not far away now, and SAD once again beckons...

Bank Holiday Weekend of course promises plenty to keep you entertained. this Friday night (22nd August) i'll be playing records at Peepshow, @The Prince in Brixton, along with fellow Purple Radio DJs & all-round hardcore ravers Mr Black and Myles. it's a legendary night and it'll be my first time in attendance, so i'm very much looking forward to it!

having barely recovered from that, on Sunday 24th August i'll be heading over to the Big Chill Bar in Shoreditch to provide more tunes at Purple Radio's monthly all-dayer, Big Chill Sundae. running from midday until midnight (free entry), it's always a crackin party and never more so than on a bank hol weekend. come along and enjoy my inevitably feeble effort, alongside the sublime sounds proffered by Andy BGPZ, Dr Piz, Mat Hoods, King Rob, Mr Black and Myles.

i guess you could've just read this flyer:

the following week, it's time for another festival weekend (my last of the summer). ever-brilliant and ever-pleasing, the wonderful Festinho will be running at Kentwell Hall in Suffolk, and features a stunning array of live musicians, artists and DJs in a beautiful setting. All in aid of the ABC Trust, it's the perfect way to spend the last weekend in August, and is highly recommended here.

again, it offers another chance for me to break out some music, and i'm really chuffed to be asked to play at the notorious DiscoShed. that's on the Sunday, but hopefully i'll see you there from the Friday for some Brazilian-themed banter.


big chill 2008 review

such a great festival again this year, so much fun to be had! if you've never been you should check it out. to hopefully whet your appetite, here's a review i did for the Big Chill's website.

you might want to get a brew ready and ensure you're seated comfortably. it's a bit lengthy...

**massive thanks to rui, sparky and everyone at BCHQ for sorting the review and providing us with such an awesome weekend - yet again!**



so, i've started a blog. why have i done that? don't i already spend ample time pratting about on the internet? probably, yes. but now i'm hoping to do more of my pratting about in one place (i.e. here), and share it with you.

of course by pratting about i mean writing reviews and providing musical heads-ups, sharing some possibly likeable urls with you, and occasionally just wittering on about something that might've come up.

thrilling, eh?

hopefully some of it will be, at least. if it isn't, complaints to the usual address...