Saturday, 14 May 2011

London! This weekend...

'sup y'all!

Just a quick post to let you know of two FREE London gigs you should be attending this weekend (and no, not just because i'm playing)...

First up it's the second monthly installment of the recently resurrected Aardvark to Zebra. This month it's myself, resident Ben Ketsbaia and Brighton's party-hard legend, Del Gazeebo. behold the shiny flyer!

The April gig was a total blast but be warned: the venue is VERY intimate so if you're hoping to get a decent spot on the dancefloor (!), get there early. Seriously.

If you've survived that, then the following night you can catch me and disco-king Mr Black at the Big Chill Bar for Purple Radio's bi-monthly party. It's always a pleasure to play on Brick Lane, and if you've never been to the BC Bar on a Sunday night're doing the weekend wrong. Complete disregard for the conventional working week, every time - Mondays Don't Matter...

If I live through all of that then i'll post some recent radio shows/mixes up. Sorry it's been so long on that front.

Hopefully see you this weekend. Whatever you're up to - enjoy it!