Wednesday, 20 August 2008


so, i've started a blog. why have i done that? don't i already spend ample time pratting about on the internet? probably, yes. but now i'm hoping to do more of my pratting about in one place (i.e. here), and share it with you.

of course by pratting about i mean writing reviews and providing musical heads-ups, sharing some possibly likeable urls with you, and occasionally just wittering on about something that might've come up.

thrilling, eh?

hopefully some of it will be, at least. if it isn't, complaints to the usual address...



Neil Cocker said...

It'll never last...


marky de sade said...


kick me if it doesn't!

Vincesapplemac said...

Welcome to the wonderful and sometimes dull word of BloggeryGeekery

Please remember to extinguish all cigerrettes and fasten your seatbelt

Anonymous said...

Word up motherfucker!

We're allowed to swear, right?