Friday, 27 November 2009

back into the fold...

june. really? it's honestly been that long since i last posted?

nah, it hasn't. but a few posts of mine got taken down due to copyright issues and, since i mostly tried to use this space to share my radio shows and mixes with you (and of course promote the music itself), it left me reeling a bit. and pissed off, naturally.

i only have good intentions with sharing that stuff - it's just about buzzing for the music and wanting other people to feel the same. and in the case of some of the radio shows, getting drunk and playing Simply Red. i don't think i need to offer any apologies for THAT, do i?


so yeah. i'm gonna try to get back into posting here more and keep trying to promote the music i think is worth listening to at the moment.

i've had a great summer of it - plenty of festivals, parties, gigs and gatherings where the music has been incredible. some fine stuff out there lately, and i'm itching to get back into chatting shit about it all.

in the meantime, here's a video. the fantastic Lee Fields, live and in your face...


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