Friday, 4 December 2009

friday visuals 002

in a bit of a mad dash this week so i'll be quick and concise: we're going to have a little mixture of music, MPCs and movements. DANCE movements. aight?

let's begin...

here's French electronica don Fulgeance doing his thing on an MPC-1000 (in this case re-working a Souleance beat). love the "woo":

next up, we're gonna go back...way back. well, to 2002, and DJ Shadow's "In Tune and On Time" tour. more MPC geekery as he's joined by Cut Chemist and DJ NuMark for a sampler showdown. this routine is so much fun:

some modern dance now, courtesy of two badass movers and shakers. set to DJ Assault's fantastic "Ass n Titties", this isn't a link you should be clicking on if you have public speakers playing into a shared office. unless your colleagues are all safe as fuck...

last up, a Friday classic. been in my head all day, so thought i'd help spread the earworm around a bit...

EDIT/STOP PRESS> gotta include this, thanks to Duck from the excellent Bam Bam Sound for giving the heads up, too. if any proof were needed that dubstep has landed, look no further. absolutely mental:

have yourselves a lovely weekend.


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