Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Drilla's Free-Edits

i should probably spend a bit more time perusing the DJ History pages, because it's always chock-full of gems each time i do make a visit.

Drilla's work is a case in point. a couple of months ago i popped over to check out what was floating boats in chuggydiscobalearicland, and noticed he'd started a thread giving away an edit of his - a reworking of a Lack of Afro remix of a Diplomats of Solid Sound track. still with me? good...

it's a belter because it takes an otherwise quite tricky DJ's track and extends the intro out to something a bit more manageable than the original. it also rates highly because the original is so damn good! LOA's drums never fail to raise a smile here.

Diplomats of Solid Sound - If You're Wrong (Lack of Afro Remix) (Drilla's Edit)

not only that, but Drilla also puts up a re-edit of Breakestra's "Little Miss Funky Sole" for us to enjoy too. i think i prefer this to the Diplomats/LOA edit, it's immense...and every time i've dropped it at a party since, it's gone down a storm. the stretched-out intro break and drop into the horns are summink else; if you're spinning funk, you can't really go wrong with this.

Breakestra - Little Miss Funky Sole (Drilla's Edit)

finally, on a more downbeat tip, Drilla has recently dropped a Cymande edit - this time taking "Zion I" and dubbing it up, whilst maintaining the original melodic lifts. this is going to sound great in the summer, but until then, use it to warm yer frosty cockles.

Cymande - Zion I (Drilla's Edit)

GOOD FREE MUSIC - you can't really argue with that, can you? if you dig these be sure to pop over to DJ History and thank Drilla yourselves! oh, and check out the work he does with Drrtyhaze too - fine stuff.


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