Saturday, 29 November 2008

Mystery Mix - Nov 2008

recently, i put together another hour (or slightly less) of tunes in an attempt to baffle the listeners of Purple Radio on its weekly Mystery Mix show. not that many were guessed, so make of that what you will...but i reckon there's some good music on there nontheless.

here's the tracklisting and download link:

00:00 lafayette gilchrist / rumble
02:40 gianni ferrio / un giorno in piu
03:49 thes one / gate city savings and loan
05:30 the pharcyde / runnin (rae & christian remix)
10:10 specifics / take me back
14:00 crown city rockers / no sense
16:53 eluard burt / from “freestyle – the art of rhyme”
17:10 regal / keep on (edseven’s dust lazy remix)
21:00 jon kennedy / the message
22:36 ayb force / do you wanna see
25:21 people under the stairs / step bacc (dj day remix)
28:57 charizma & peanut butter wolf / talk about a girl
30:15 tom caruana / the kraken
31:17 color climax / jigsaw
33:17 john arnold / geminade
37:05 mr scruff / kalimba
40:19 m dubs feat. the emperor richie dan / over here (sugar shack breakbeat funk mix)
45:30 bugz in the attic / reject
48:45 dj format / 2 3 scrape


:: 50mins approx :: 128kbps ::




Anonymous said...

More posts please Mr de Sade!

marky de sade said...

your wish is my command, sir...

(sorry it's a bit lame, but something is better than a bleak void of nothing, i hope)

Anonymous said...

Just fucking get on with it.