Tuesday, 10 February 2009

still alive!

sorry i haven't posted anything up in so long. things have been proper hectic and my head's been everywhere...trying to take on the world and win again...must.stop.doing.that.

so, what's gone down since i last posted? well, 2008 went (bye bye) and 2009 came (hello). i had an awesome christmas with my family, so relaxed this year - and such a pleasure to spend some quality time with them all, especially my young cousins Karl and Thomas, who really do help to keep the magic of the festive season alive. i guess christmas is all about the kids, eh? here they are "helping Nan unwrap her presents"...

the start of 2009 has been tough. january is always a slog, but this one felt particularly vile. job insecurity and a muggy head haven't helped, and i had to lay low on any further radio DJing for a bit because it just didn't seem to be bringing me much fun anymore. i suppose instead of feeling refreshed by the onset of a new year, it's just served to wear me out.

do we set too much ambition for ourselves in these modern times? that's what i've been asking more and more, lately.

on a more positive note - seeing Obama being inaugurated was wonderful. not that i was there in person, but i was one of the billions of people who watched live, clutching a post-work cup of tea and harbouring a hope for genuine change that i'm sure you all hold, too. he seems like a cool guy, and i just hope he doesn't try to take on too much too early. or that he doesn't buckle under the pressure of the system like so many US presidents in the past. tough to break free from those corporate backslaps and big-money nudges, Barack...i hope you can. i really do.

more locally, and despite my shying away from radio DJing at present, i had a great time last week DJing with my mate Neil Raygun at Clwb Ifor Bach, in Cardiff.

Clwb is an institution and the top floor is a cracking room which boasts possibly the best soundsystem i've ever played on. loads of our mates came out for the night and it gave me a lot of pleasure to see the hiphop hits (in particular) being well-appreciated by a decent, dance-prone crowd. thanks to everyone who came down to support the event, and huge thanks to Ben Potter and all the staff at Clwb for having us there for the night and treating us so well. i'm hoping we'll be doing the same there again soon, so i'll be sure to keep you posted if we do.

gonna make this shit a lot more regular in 2009. and though i don't like making promises, that's a promise. hahaha. be sure to nudge me if you stumble across this and i haven't posted in a week or two. sometimes i just need a kick.

don't we all?


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