Saturday, 21 February 2009

electric vindaloo - 07/03/09

i'm really pleased to have been invited back up to my second hometown, Aberystwyth, to play another set at the corking Electric Vindaloo in a couple of weeks...

the promoter, Joab, has been running the night for around four or five years now, hosting parties at various locations around Aber and getting some top names to visit the isolated little bit of coast in the process. it's really good to see the night running regularly again after a short lull, and just as satisfying to see it back in its spiritual home, the Bay Basement.

last time i played there (December, i believe) it was a brilliant night - the Aber crowd love their hiphop, and always go nuts for some beaty, bass-heavy, funk-laden tunes...hence why i get so much of a kick out of heading back to help the party along!

it also gives me the chance to catch up with some old mates and playing records alongside the likes of Eddy Scissorhands, Duska, Ether and co is a right laugh. not to mention a good chance to nosey up on what tunes are doing it in our respective boxes at the moment.

check the price, too - £3 - absolute bargain. if you're in the area or fancy a weekend by the sea with a bit of a rave-up, do come and join us...


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