Tuesday, 17 February 2009

my new toy

for the last month or so i've been pratting about with my new toy: an Akai MPD24.

for a while i've wanted to mess about with loops, beats and basically attempt to produce some of my own tunes, and always had an eye on buying something from Akai's now-legendary MPC range of sampler/sequencer units. however, after much consideration i decided that the outlay cost on an MPC was just a bit too much to try and deal with at this point, so i opted for the next best thing: a MIDI controller with the basic interface elements that the MPCs boast.

i'll be honest: i've got next to no production experience/knowledge, so this has been a massively steep learning curve to embark on. for now, i've got the MPD24 running in sync with FL Studio 8, as this seemed to offer much of the same "working method" as you'd find with an MPC.

it's been a mixture of success and failure in varying degrees thus far. i've worked out how to use Edison (a module within FL Studio) to chop my samples, and then load them into the FPC (FL's equivalent of an MPC), and then assign the MPD to the various samples within the software. that's all well and good, but latency is proving to be a real issue thus far - i'm not sure if it's my soundcard (Creative 24-bit external) or just the fact that the unit's running through a USB connection rather than dedicated MIDI, but it's proving almost impossible to overdub into sequences live.

although a lot of my friends are currently blasting out beats on MPCs, i've not been able to get much help from them as this is a different kettle of fish...none of them are familiar with the FL Studio setup. thus it's been a long, lonely and frustrating few weeks of reading help guides, watching YouTube tutorials (a mass of them, quality varying as ever) and hammering my poor old desk in frustration.

as soon as i've got any beats worth writing home (or online) about, i'll stick some download links up and you can slate them as you see fit. just give me three years or so. haha.

likewise, if anyone out there's got any tips for using the MPD24 with FL Studio, or could maybe help out with my latency woes, please holler at me and i'll be eternally grateful.

in the meantime, look after yourselves.


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